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Supporting is provided to buyers both before and after the purchase, regardless of any specific restrictions.

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Using ticket to supporting, easily ask your questions from our technical experts.

Do I have to pay for subscription after buying a robot?

No, you will be the lifelong owner of the robot

Can I pay in installment?

No, in the current situation, everything is impossible

Can I buy in person?

No, there is no need to attend for shopping in online businesses

Starting up the robot?

The robot can be set up easily and a tutorial file will be sent to you along with the robot file.

Also, if needed, our experts can connect to your system via instant desktop application and startup the robot for you

Discontent after purchase

Yes, you can receive your payment amount to three days after purchase by reducing 5%

Can I startup the robot with my phone?

Using the laptop, computer, tablet and Android phones, the robot can be connected and set up as well as controlled.

Do I need another peripheral system?

You do not need any applications or services to start up the robot

How much capital is needed?

You can trade with any amount of capital, but the more the capital, the more profitable; the robot will act with a better strategy for you.

Does the robot work 24 hours?

It is up to you! You can turn the robot on for 24 hours to buy and sell, or you can close the robot at different times and not to buy and sell.

Where do I see what the robot gets and sells?!

Both through the robot itself and through your panel, you can monitor all sales and purchases of the robot through the Binance site or through the lateral applications. Every action the robot performs will be recorded in your user account on the site as well as in the robot dashboard

Don’t withdraw my capital?

At the first step on the Binance site, when you are going to make access key to a purchased robot, the Binance site asks you, if you would like to give a withdrawal and deposit possibility to Bitcoin and you should not touch the deposit and withdrawal option until the robot has no access to your cash withdrawal from Binance account. All the steps will be sent to you after buying of the robot

I couldn’t find my question!!

If you do not have any of these questions please send us in the ticket support section to send your answer as soon as possible.